Lost Appreciation Week: Day 4
Favorite Relationship: Juliet Burke &James Ford (Suliet)

Come up on different streets, they both were streets of shame
Both dirty, both mean, yes, and the dream was just the same

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Good thing you don’t hate me, huh, freckles?

LOST Appreciation Week: Day 4
Favorite Relationship(s): Sawyer and Kate

LOST APPRECIATION WEEK | Day 4: favorite relationship

Jack & Kate

Kate & Sayid (requested by anon)

Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear…

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No, don’t walk away from me. No.

It’s full, full to the brim with stick to the roof of your mouth.. Oh God, it makes you want a glass of milk, extra smooth. It’s the best bloody peanut butter I have ever tasted! You want some?